How far in advance should I book my run?

For personalised runs, the more notice you give us the better. We will make every effort possible to accommodate each run request. However, requests for running tours within a 24 hour period are subject to guide availability. If booking within 24 hours of the requested time, a Tours Around Chester representative will contact you via phone to confirm your request. For our group runs, registration is open until 24 hours prior to the day before the scheduled run. See refund policy below.

How will I keep pace?

For a personalised run, we run at your pace, walk or stop if you need or want to. For group runs, depending on the number of people, we will have several guides ready to lead different running paces (approximately 1 guide/6 runners). If you’re concerned about your ability to keep up, please CONTACT us at and highlight which tour run you wish to join. Please do not worry – we will not leave you behind!

Are we running the whole time?

Our personalised runs are based on your preference. We can design your route so that there are no stops. However, we’re always willing to stop or walk if necessary. Our group runs are designed with designated stops throughout the route. This way, we make sure everyone stays together and gets to hear all the information along the route.

Will there be anything to drink?

Guides will provide water (weather depending). For our group runs, if you would like water you’re responsible for carrying the water during the run.


T-shirts are available for sale through this website.

What if I am running late?

Please give your guide a call if you’re running late. For personalised runs, your guide will wait 15 minutes after the scheduled time. For group runs, if we don’t hear from you and the group is ready to leave, we will not wait – sorry!

Who will be taking part in the tours?

The tours will consist of male and female runners from all different backgrounds. The running tours are a great way to socialise whilst taking in the historic surroundings.

Will somebody be able carry anything for me? (wallet, keys, phone, cameras etc..)

Yes, your guide runs with a small runners backpack so they will be able carry smaller items.

Are gift certificates available for the tours?

Yes, you can currently purchase gift certificates through our website. Click here for our gift certificate page. They can also be customised and emailed to you. See below for gift certificate refund information.

Are there toilets along the route?

On any route that we run, we can always find a toilet for you to use. We do have specific routes that run by some of the public toilets located throughout the city. If you feel it is necessary to make sure there are bathrooms along the route please let us know ahead of time.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Unless the weather is dangerous, our goal is to accommodate your request, so we’re willing to run through all types of weather. If the weather does not allow for the run to take place, an alternative date will be provided.

Are we allowed to tip our running guide?

Yes! Tips are not required but they’re encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Is there an age limit on the tours?

Yes – all runners need to be aged over 18 years.

Are dogs allowed on the tours?

Dogs are allowed on certain personal running tours depending on times and the tour. Please CONTACT to enquire.



We love photos. You will have numerous opportunities to take photos during your running tour. Please send us any you love for our gallery